3 Important Things To Do Before Buying A Used Car

Posted on: 23 May 2017


Are you in need of a newer and more reliable vehicle? Do you want to avoid the high cost of purchasing a brand new car? Buying a used car can be a great way to acquire a vehicle that isn't going to need repairs every other month. Unfortunately, it can also be all too easy to wind up with a vehicle that is the same or worse than the one that you already own. In order to make sure that you get the vehicle that you need, here are a few tips:

Avoid buying directly from someone else: The average person probably sells a car less frequently than once every other year. As a result, they have little in the way of incentive to tell you the whole truth about the vehicle. It's possible that they haven't even taken it to the mechanic recently and are simply hoping that you won't notice. On the other hand, a dealership that specializes in used car sales has a reputation to uphold. While it's still possible to get a dud vehicle, it's much less likely than if you purchase from the owner directly. A reputable used car lot will have had a mechanic check over the vehicle to make sure that it's in working condition.

Check the accident report: It's not uncommon for people to trade in their used vehicles for a new one after an accident. If this was a relatively minor fender-bender, the car may have only needed minor work in order to be put up for sale again. Major damage could have caused damage to the vehicle frame itself, something which can be temporarily fixed but that can cause issues later. Before beginning final negotiations for any car that you want to buy, check its VIN online to see if it's been involved in any accidents before. 

Take the car to your own mechanic: Mechanics are only human. As such, it's possible that even the best mechanic may overlook or not notice something of importance. The used car sales lot may very well think that the vehicle that they're selling is in good condition because their mechanic said so. This is why it's a good idea to get a second opinion when it comes to buying used cars. Your mechanic could find something that has gone wrong since the car lot's mechanic checked it over. If he or she doesn't find anything wrong, you'll be able to have more confidence in your choice of purchase.

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