Build Your Confidence And Improve Your Skills Prior To Applying To Your Town's Transportation Authority

Posted on: 5 October 2017


If you have recently obtained your commercial driver's license and are interested in driving a bus for your hometown's transportation authority, you may be wary about being hired due to not having any prior experience as a bus driver. The following tips will help you build your confidence and research the job in detail to improve your chances of obtaining a position:

Enroll In A Driving School

Contact a driving school to inquire about courses that are offered. Sessions that provide educational material concerning commercial vehicles or defensive driving techniques will help you strengthen your driving skills so that you can reduce the chance of an accident while on the roadway.

If you successfully complete a driving course, you can notify the transportation authority about your achievement when you apply for a driving job. An employer may be impressed that you took the initiative to further strengthen your driving capabilities, which could result in your job application being pushed to the forefront. 

Learn The Local Routes

Utilize public transit for several weeks to learn the standard routes that drivers are responsible for. If you usually drive your car around town, sitting back and relaxing on a bus without the stress of needing to pay attention to other drivers will help you maintain your focus as you view the roadway from your side window to see where the driver is headed.

Contact the transit authority to request a copy of all of the bus routes. Look over the information to help you memorize the routes. Although you will not need to know each exact route upon being hired by the transit authority, it won't hurt to have already retained information concerning the routes and it may even help you in a big way when you first begin to load and unload passengers when/if you are hired.

Practice Driving A Large Vehicle Around Town

If you know someone who owns a large vehicle, such as a moving van or heavy duty truck, they may be willing to ride along with you as you practice driving the vehicle through town. If you don't know anyone who can lend a hand with this task, rent a vehicle on a couple occasions from an auto rental business.

Take your time navigating through town in the vehicle and turn down several, different streets before pulling over to park the vehicle alongside the road. Each driving session will help you gain experience and will better prepare you for the prospect of driving a city bus.